Signature Nail Station is the best choice for your eyebrow, chin, upper lip and full face threading needs.


Threaded eyebrows take eye appeal to a completely new level. Eyes are the mirrors of your soul. Imagine a perfect frame to those mirrors – your eyebrows! Perfectly shaped eyebrows contour your eyes and enhance them. At Signature Nail Station, we remove unwanted hair around your eyebrows and lower forehead and shape your arch. This gives a totally new dimension to your eye appeal and brightens up your face instantly.

Upper Lip, the Chin & Sides of the Face

You can target eyebrows, upper lip, the chin, sides of the face or forehead individually. Threading catches the finest and tiniest of hair so you can be sure of cent percent hair removal. What's more, trained hands at Signature Nail Station will ensure that you don't feel any sting at all. Apart from being absolutely safe and chemical free, threading in not expensive either.