"Be Beautiful from the tips of your fingers to the end of your toes"

Welcome to the Signature Nail Station!

At The Signature Nail Station, we believe that nail, hands and feet beauty is more than skin deep.  We are a nail salon offering spa manicures, spa pedicures, nail care, hand & nail treatments, nail art, paraffin bath for hands and reflexology for hands & feet. We are a holistic nail spa treating natural nails only. Treat yourself to a day of pampering at The Nail Station in Al Barsha Mall Dubai. After all, you deserve it!


Enjoy our Manicures

Hands and fingers are not usually cared for as much as other parts of the body (think how much more attention you pay to your face!), but they're the part of you most likely to be treated the worst.

From washing up to gardening, hands and nails often become neglected and this results in broken, dirty nails and flaky,dry skin – not a great look! Properly looked after hands and a lovely set of nails can do wonders for your image; it shows you pay attention to yourself and care about your body.

Pedicures to wish for

Think how much you use your feet every single day; it's no wonder they often end up tired, with hard skin and yellow tinted toenails - after all they're stuck in shoes for the majority of the day! The skin on the soles of your feet is approximately twenty times thicker than other parts of your body so it deserves special attention, and fungal diseases are common between toes and under toenails so caring for your feet is extremely important.

Most people are guilty of ignoring their feet during the winter months and paying more attention to them in the summer months when they're on show, but healthy feet all year round will help prevent most nail diseases. Beautifully pedicured feet will also encourage you to show them off, and it's amazing just how many people will notice and comment on how good they look!

Threading to make you look sharp

You can target eyebrows, upper lip, the chin, sides of the face or forehead individually. Threading catches the finest and tiniest of hair so you can be sure of cent percent hair removal. What's more, trained hands at Signature Nail Station will ensure that you don't feel any sting at all. Apart from being absolutely safe and chemical free, threading in not expensive either.

Henna like never before

We bring you Henna Art, a delightful age-old tradition in all its authentic splendor. You can get henna applied on your palms, hands, arms, neck, back and feet.

Henna takes a while to dry and the longer you let it dry, the deeper the color turns out to be. Ideal for a long lasting deep color.

Massages to relax your body

Experience rejuvenation for your body, mind & spirit. What is the number one problem that majority of people suffer from on a daily basis? Stress! That's what we are here to relieve. You won't believe how well you will feel after a one-hour stress relieiving body massage.

A deep pressure massage which relieves tension and stress from the body. Includes back, shoulders, neck, legs, arms and chest. A good massage for people who need to relieve their stress and feel relaxed.

Facials that make you glow

Signature Nail Station offers the ultimate pampering for your face. Facials not only cleanse your face of all impurities, they also tone it and make it look radiant. With growing pollution and stressful lives, facials are no longer a luxury. They have become absolutely essential to protect your skin and to make you look perfectly groomed.

Waxes that smoothen

We offer a whole range of waxing packages. You can choose from face, half legs, full legs, half hands, full hands, underarm, bikini / brazilian, back, chest, stomach / torso, full body and bridal waxing packages.

Signature Nail Station offers you very reasonable waxing packages in combinations of hands/ legs or body waxing. Most body parts can be waxed but if you have specific requests, our trained beauticians can give you an individual consultation. We do not advise you to wax areas with very little hair growth like palms of hands and soles of feet as waxing may stimulate hair growth.

Body treatment - Waxing & Body Massage