About Us

Signature Nail Station opened at Level G of the Al Barsha Mall in October 2011 with the philosophy of giving exquisite manicure and pedicure services. It was a combination of what we thought were the elements of an ideal urban retreat: modern interiors, cool airconditioning, great music, mood lighting, comfortable and cushy couches that just beg you to sink in. It would change the experience of having a manicure and pedicure in Dubai forever.

More importantly, we wanted the best manicure, pedicure and the most spectacular hand and foot massage in town. So we brought in the best nail care products and equipment to service our customers: from using Orly treatments like their famed No Bite, to offering a dizzying choice of nail polish in the hippest, chicest colors around, to sourcing the best lotions and scrubs in the market, and sterilizing our tools in hospital-grade barbicide.

Using a wide variety of products from all over the world ties in neatly with our mission to give our customers the best possible care for their hands and their feet. Some people call this maintenance; others say therapy. For some, it is common sense-taking care of the most abused part of your body. Other people call this girl time and use it as a fashion accessory. For many, having your nails done is one of life's simple pleasures.